Sound Design Course

I am really trying to get into sound design (especially since getting Sylenth) and have to admit I am struggling. The HTSL tutorials already offer great advice on creating sounds for specific tunes, but I was thinking that a course on the principles of sound design would be something I would find really helpful. So I’m thinking of a walkthrough that demonstrates the difference between the kinds of synthesis, thinking about ‘families’ of sounds and how to go about making them, advice on using effective filters and modulation - perhaps even something on more advanced sampling techniques and manipulation?

i think a sound design course would be great but it would need to be done using several synths showing many modulation options and different forms of synthesis.

this would obviously need to be more than a tech tip and would probably take 50 videos to cover.

i know rob papen has a Sound Design Master Class dvd, i am not sure to what level this is though, i would take a guess its going to move pretty quick though once the basics have passed.

I agree - such a course couldn’t be done over a couple of sessions but would have to be a more ‘in depth’ series that was perhaps generated over an extended period of time. Perhaps the range of instruments that need covering could be done within a specific package to keep things as simple as possible (eg. using Ableton’s built in instruments, or Logic’s, Reason etc.)


Count me in as well!

Especially with Sylenth.

After having it a couple of days now… I feel that I’m going to be using this a LOT.

 Its a really nice sounding bit of software. The filters are great on it. I’d love to be shown a few bit & pieces with it.

Its well laid out & seems very straightforward to use.

Really cool yoke. :smiley: