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Kick 2 Drum Design with Mat Zo

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Sonic Academy is super excited to welcome the one and only Mat Zo this week as he shows us his process when designing drums solely using our very own Kick 2 plugin!

With a Grammy award nomination under his belt along with Beatport number one slots and substantial critical acclaim for his releases on Anjunabeats and Hospital Records, Mat is no stranger to the spotlight.

In these two videos, Mat shows us how he uses Kick 2 to create unique and controllable drums by layering and designing each part of the transient - from the low-end Kick to high-end Hats, Kick 2 can do it all.
First up we build a simple groove before creating a classic and more intricate drum n bass beat Mat Zo style!

Check out how one of the best in the business builds their drums and take your skillz to the next level!

Very nice tutorial thanks! I do have a question though. How are you bringing up that menu that you are initializing kick2 thru?

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Hey there @Furthestlobster

That’s done using L.E.S ( Live Enhancement Suite ) on top of Ableton’s Live, it’s a free software available for both PC’s & MAC’s and you’ll find a full tutorial on how to use it & make your own custom menus here on Sonic Academy.

Nice & different approach to use Kick 2 here, good tips on layering Kicks parts or creating other percussive elements in Kick 2, thanks.

Mat is so sick

Useful tutorial.

Dude that was nice.

:+1: nice


don’t know how to create drum n bass. Please click on the video. ^^

The sound is really bad. Why don’t you use a microphone and get a proper camera? It would sound a lot better.

How do you click on a midi track and get a selection of your instruments and vsts? 0:22

@DanMcKimm check previous post here, that’s done using a 3rd party app “LES”

This course is so cool but the mic quality is so bad :frowning:

Welcome aboard on the forums and thanks for your comment & feedback :sunglasses:

gonna try some of this out woooo

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