Sound design/tutorial request

Ok so I have been caught by the bigroom house wave for a while now. I have figured out a lot about how to design the sounds of progressive house using sylenth, but I still have one problem designing the width and “big” main leads that are used in many of i.e. Avicii songs.

Especially this one

[url]- YouTube

If you guys can try to recreate this one I would be soo happy :slight_smile:

My basic idea of this some background piano layer (using probably nexus 1), and some sort of supersaw, but I just can’t seem to get it right!

Alot of Avicii’s sound comes from the subtle addition of piano. He uses nexus for most of his sounds, and he’s basically entirely a preset guy. Watch Future Music Mags in the studio video with him. Its over an hour of avicii in the studio. And he even admits in the video that he’s not very technical. But he also proves that you dont need to be in order to be successful :stuck_out_tongue:

what is subtle of piano? i tryed to make that kind of piano sounds using my m1 piano samples in Simpler in albleton but i hated the sound of it…I also dont know how to do it:hehe:

Well what I mean is that he uses layered synths, but he generally has a piano layer in there somewhere. Which gives it kind of that analog feel, but its not only just a piano, its go other digital sounding synths layered on top.

I dont know if that makes sense to you. And if you want to learn how to sample the m1 piano in that way, watch the main room house tutorial

Thanks Valence, i am struggling trough the main room tut but in my opinion it just dont sound right, almost irritating:P i mean how i do the piano.

Also my synth sounds always to dark somehow, not quit happy.

I really like the happy sound/feeling what you have in your monster remix! Also like the track alot! Thats the sound I want to make, maybe some advice?:smiley:

Well thank you! Its not mixed that well though so I’ll probably go back and fix it up at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as tips go, I mainly built that track around the advice I learned in the big room house tutorial. I dont believe I even used sylenth at the time. Nexus has more than enough presets to get a rough sound of what you want, and then it requires so knowledgeable tweaking of parameters. For example the ADSR envelope in nexus can help you shape your sound a fair amount. (I dont know how technical you are, but if you do not understand standard ADSR envelopes, learn them).

Also, learn EQ and compression. Super important in big room house! Eq to make everything blend nicely and to create nice headroom. Then compression to make it pop, and limiting to make it louder. (If this is too technical, read up on EQ, there is an awesome EQ article someone posted in the “I cant make anything sound good” topic in tips and tricks)

But other than that, practice, practice, practice. House naturally emphasizes the quality of your mix due to the fact that it is so melody/harmony based.

O, another quick tip that I failed to do well in that remix is to cut the bass where your kick is hitting using an EQ (generally around 100Hz). This will help your kick punch through the drop more and give it more of a bounce. And if it still doesnt punch through add another higher pitched kick, one that hits above the 1000k Hz area, and high pass it. This will keep the low thud of your original kick however it will add the pop of the “top kick”. Its a technique the swedish house mafia always recommend.

Anyways, thats my rant, I hoped it helps! I’ve been in your shoes (and still am) before and I know how frustrating it can be when you want to improve but have no idea what you’re doing wrong! So post what you end up coming up with if you want more precise feedback :slight_smile:

Enjoy! Happy producing :slight_smile:

Thanks Valence for your time and good explenation!it’s appreciated!

I will definatly look up that eq section on the forum tonight,

Finnaly i have a ok melody now i made myself and the next days and the whole weekend i will work on that and try to come as far as i can with my knowledge, somehow i still dont dare to put something online for feedback cause its still not quit good!:slight_smile: i know after hearing your monsters song why i hated the m1 piano sound in my track, i just let it play the whole melody, thats something i did not right for sure:D

What for my is very difficult now is what to put extra except the melody and make it fit together.

When i figured out that ill post something for feedback:hehe:

But one more time thanks for your helpfull reply!

No worries! Thats what the SA community is meant for! Plus, I find there are not enough house producers with good advice on here in between all of this “dark techno” and stuff. Not that I’m hating on them, I just wish there were more people who produced melodically driven types of tracks.

As for the harmonies and bassline, look at the chords tutorial in the music theory section of the videos. If you know what key you are in, it is fairly easy to write a supporting part if you just experiement with different notes in the key.

But let me know when you post something! I’d like to hear your stuff, who knows, it could be gold… The producer is always the harshest critic of his own music