Sound in sylenth?

Isabellas Song - Orkestrated - YouTube after advice on getting the lead sound in this track in sylenth how you think they have made such a good sound cant seem to get a sound similar to that. The sound I would like to know about kicks in about 2.25


try using a saw wave on both Oscillators set 1 to +7 pitch

turn the distortion FX on

on the bottom right you will see mono legato turn this on and turn portamento up to 50%

should be heading in the right direction

thanks always so helpful I will give that a try

hey just one more question really wondering what effects and waves you think they are using to get these techy lead sounds like in some of the tracks below are they using lfos to get that techy kind of sound underneath

Suni Feenix & Kidd Kaos - Release - YouTube

- YouTube