Sound knowledge

Sorry for the daft question but anyone knows what exactly this sound is?

Im not sure whether its cymble, rim, FX.

Help will be much appreciated :smiley:

Not daft !

sounds like a reversed snare … what sequencer you using?:slight_smile:

Im using ableton live 7, are you sure its a snare? its doesn’t sound like that at all (not trying to be rude here ;)), its sound more like a laser…

but Im still not sure about it or how to achieve this sound…

if you are talking about the click sound in the middle, try a tom, conga or clav and filter

also sounds like filtered white noise running through the whole sample

yes Im talking about the click in the middle, the closest thing was the sound of the clav (thanks Jon) but still not 100%, I uploaded a longer sample maybe it will help to identify the sound:

try a tight reverse reverb effect on a clav sound. the sound is also delayed (right hand side hit is slightly after the left)

hey i man that click sound is a windows start navigation sound …

Controll panel>hardware and sound >sound>change system sounds>

then scroll down to windows start navigation sound and preview it …its the exact same sound with some white noise filtered over it :slight_smile:

nice one egg!! its not 100% the same, but pretty darn close!, the clav was also very similar but i wasnt able to tweek it to sound exactly like the original sound.

I wish I would find it already, :frowning: