Just starting to pick up the whole music production thing again and have tried to really make the “next” step this time so I’ve been out and bought a nice new iMac (i5, 4gb).  I want to make a separate set-up to my pc set-up and the first thing I’m looking at is the sound card.

I want a small portable card if possible and I’m a NI whore so I’m thinking of getting a Audio Kontrol 1.  For my pc set-up I have a Maudio firewire 1814 if you’re interested :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also going with cough legit cough software this time… that’s another thread though!

Thanks for any advice in advance.

If you don’t want inputs I love the audio DJ 2 from NI its amazingly clear on a PA and in the studio but so tiny!

Yeah I probably should have said, I want a couple of inputs.  Quite fancy getting a hardware synth at some point and potentially a mic etc.

Because of my current soundcard, initally i wasn’t going to bother and the audio 2 would have been ideal so thanks!

I was very happy with my AK1. It worked flawlessly on many systems and the only reason I replaced it was I needed a lot more ins/outs.

Strongly recommended…

Check out MOTU stuff they have a portable version called the traveler i think.

Is there anything out there in the way of a AK1 price etc. but in firewire?

I had a AK1 with my Mac Pro at the start. Had awful problems with it. Sent it back in the end.

It kept disconnecting & the sound quality was pretty bad (clicks and pops). Great soundcard on my Laptop - but I found out that the USB’s on the Mac Pro’s and the Macbooks dont give enough voltage… hence the disconnect.

NI were great though… sending me unpublished drivers etc… but they acknowledged that it was a “problem” - though it was more the fact that the Mac’s USB’s were not class compliant.

Its probably changed in the last couple of years, especially with the new Mac Models - but do a bit of research. Google - Mac XX i7 whatever Audio Kontrol USB Problem or the name of the SC you do choose. See if that brings up anything.

I sent it back & got a Focusrite Saffire LE - Firewire. No problems with power. FW is way to go if you can. Cant recommend you anything else - but maybe someone else will.

[quote]ICN (25/11/2010)[hr]

Focusrite Saffire LE - Firewire. [/quote]

I like that but you can’t seem to buy it anymore?

I dont know what they’ve replaced them with in that price range?

Cant even remember how much I paid for it.

Something like this would be similar spec:

Saffire Pro 14


Theres a Pro 24 as well.


[quote]djc4 (25/11/2010)[hr][quote]ICN (25/11/2010)[hr]

Focusrite Saffire LE - Firewire. [/quote]

I like that but you can’t seem to buy it anymore?[/quote]

ebay :slight_smile:

[quote]djc4 (25/11/2010)[hr][quote]ICN (25/11/2010)[hr]

Focusrite Saffire LE - Firewire. [/quote]

I like that but you can’t seem to buy it anymore?[/quote]

Ebay FTW! :w00t:

Did you get one Man?

I did indeed! :slight_smile: