Even thoughi have been making a bit of music here and there for around 4 years now, i have no idea what a soundcard is and what use it has? im fairly sure my laptop doesnt have one as when i did research, everyone was talking about Asio4All and i downloaded that and it didnt work… is it a physical thing? do you get better sound? i know djs need it or something for Ableton like Traktor? Help!

It is important especially when you produce/record etc. Higher the sample rate and bit depth clearer and more dynamic sound you get. br
google sample rate and bit depth and learn about
Also yes, it does make it sound better better the sound card’s analog to digital converters are better and professional sound you get.

ok where can i get a sound card?

if you are in the US; try sweetwater.combr
There are good brands such as Focusrite, Apogee, RME etc, check those ones.

As far as I’m concerned nothing beats a good (external) audio interface.nbsp; Sound cards are designed by the samenbsp;companies that design all sorts ofnbsp;computer hardware, audio interfaces by the companies that are interested in supplieing their clients with good sound quality… so i would suggest an audio interface:D

Hello dude…first of all you learn the basic thing how to make the music and then move to the next procedure i think you waste his time…sound card is just for the use of the good sound created…sound card make the sound better…

You need to consider what other equipment in the audio chain you have though, before you go spending money on a audio interface/soundcard./PPFor example, it’s not much good investing in a great soundcard/audio interface, if you have a crappy pair of speakers that you’re producing on./PPWhat speakers will you use with the soundcard? You also need to consider issues like what connections do your speakers need coming from the audio interface?

a good soundcard will give you lower latency and help ease CPU load so isnt just about getting good sound quality it can really improve stability and ease
although sound quality is a massive factor too.
this would be my order of purchase if i was a newbiebr
Decent PCbr
Sound Cardbr