Soundcloud Copyright Infringement

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Quick question really. I’ve recently had a track mastered and wanted to add the new version to Soundcloud, which I did. 2 mins after it being uploaded a received a “friendly” message from the weatherman advising:

We’ve been notified that your most recent upload, “Enigma - Guilty Pleasure (Original Mix)”

may contain copyright content and we’ve disabled it. If you believe

you do have permission to use this content, or that a mistake has

been made, please go to

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I’m a little stunned as to why I’m getting this as its been up for the last 9mths and hasn’t been flagged before. The only thing I can think of is cause it’s got samples from Starsky & Hutch in there, but I know thousands of tracks that use samples from movies that have been released?

Is this something that anyone has come across before and do you think that’s the reason why they’ve pulled it???

did you use any loops that might be from a sample pack that some famous tune has used or something?

No the only samples that I used were the ones that were provided by you guys back last year.

I’ve just been through the track they think its copyrighted against and there’s nothing in there that sounds remotely like the track I have made! phew

I’ve submitted my case against it to SC now so will just have to wait and see what they come up with.

Either way, I defo feel like having a beer now!! :slight_smile:

Arse! I’ve just done a google search for Bass Monkeys and it looks like the sample that I’ve used in my latest track has already been used in a track! I’d had that acapella for ages as well…

I’m starting to get a little concerned as the last thing I want is to be drawn into copyright wars. Could someone please explain in a nutshell if it is OK or not to use samples so long as they don’t get released, cause my head is beginning to spin now! :crazy:

I’ve just written to Hatiras explaining the situation and whether it is OK to use a sample of their vocal for the track or not.

Whatever happened to for the love of the music eh??? lol

Well, I heard back from Soundcloud today and they have closed the case and released my track back into the wild!! :smiley:

good stuff… i guess they are forced to use an automatic thing so they dont get sued

Yeah I guess so Phil, either way its defo gave me a shock and has made me want to know more about whats right and whats wrong…

What I dont get though is Ive seen load of people posting edits and remixes of Adele stuff for example, so are they asking her if its OK to do that or is it OK so long as its just a bootleg and wont be released?

Well I’m off to work now, ready to see 11:11 in with a BANG! See you on the other side Phil! :hehe:

Sorry - how do Soundcloud identify stuff that they think might be copyrighted - algorithm’s?

I got an Adele & John Legend tune that is still online. As long as you don’t get money for it, it’s often considered okay. I guess.

probably got reported to them

anyway, if you use samples from packs etc then you’re ok even if the someone else has already released a track using that sample.

neither of you actually own the sample in any event - it’s owned by the sample library that you both bought it from. both of you just license it non-exclusively from that sample library

I’d uploaded a mastered version to it last night and then 2 mins later received a mail telling me that "our automatic content protection system has detected that your sound "enigma - guilty pleasure (original mix) may contain the following copyright content. “Charisma” by Raoul French. As a result, its publication on your profile has been blocked.

I listened to the track it said I had used copyright material from and there were no similarities to it at all, apart from maybe the percussive groove, but I created that myself so if thats what the autobot is picking up then I’d expect to see a lot more peoples stuff getting scrutinized once they’ve uploaded it…

so yeah clearly it’s an algorithm - and seems like it’s not totally accurate if it has mistaken your sound for something else.


Go on to SC and select SHARE, copy the embed code and then go to the Control Panel section of Sonic Academy (just below the home option on the right) then select edit signature, paste the code in and Voila!!! :slight_smile: