Soundcloud issue?

I was just wondering whether there was any way to reupload a track to soundcloud. The reason I ask is, I have some edits on a song, but it’s getting a lot of feedback and favoriting and such. I don’t want to delete the whole thing and reupload another one with no views, comments, or favoritings, just for some slight level changes. Am I just being stupid here? Is there some other way to do this?

You can, but the bastards make you pay for their pro service :stuck_out_tongue: the cheapest one will do. I think it’s $40 or so, and you get it for a year, and discounts on the other upgrades if you ever feel like upgrading again. So it’s not too bad I guess.

more info here: SoundCloud

I don’t know what level of account you need to have with them but if you go into “Edit Track” there’s an option at the top of the page under “Edit (your track’s name)” to Replace the file.

This will simply replace the audio file but leave all the comments/plays etc untouched.