Soundcloud "support me" requests

A lot of us have Soundcloud profiles right? Have you been getting “please support me in the remix competition I’m in” lately? Seems to me I’ve been getting loads from random people.

I don’t mind if it’s from one of you guys or someone else I know but why do people send them out to randoms? I just delete the random ones.

Ya ive been getting them too, its annoying as hell and especially if they are kind of demanding about it. I help the people that actually have something good and are asking for help

I get at least 10 a day. I used to reply to them coz i thought we’re all in the same boat, trying to make it the music business. But I get way to many now, would take me forever to listen to everyone.

another reason that i hate remix competitions. overflow your mail with junks emails

Luckily i haven’t had them yet!

yeah I get loads of annoying email on soundcloud, if I dont know the name then bin as there is just way to much, just like facebook, cloggin up my emails! think I need to change all the setting so as I dont get junk!