Soundprank Kick 09 crashes SONAR


Each time I select the “Soundprank Kick 09” that came with the Artist Kick Bundle, in SONAR, my DAW crashes… Please have a look at this.


Can you confirm whether you are running the latest version of KICK - v1.04?


I do now.

It does not crash the DAW anymore but cycling through the kicks causes the DAW to kill its sound engine with a LOT of kicks. It’s the “clicks” spiking through on preset changes that kills the DAW


Can you try one last thing for me,
Re-download the Artist Prests Pack and reinstall that - we also updated this pack a while back which may have resolved the issue.

Why the hell am I not getting notified?

Did that resolve it ?

you would need to be signed up to our newsletter or following our website to see the changes.

We have set up a new kick 2 specific mail out now

Please send me the newsletter link

you can sign up from your my account page

Tried the Updated Artist pack - it still freezes up and crashes the sound engine of the DAW when I skip between the SoundPrank kicks. Some others as well but without fail with the soundpranks ones.

I FLY through the other kick presets but as soon as I hit the SoundPrank ones, it freezes momentarily to “load” it seems, and then crashes the sound engine


Strange. It might be worth, as a last resort, deleting that artist DLC folder and installing the presets again.

Not had any other reports of issues with them since their first release so I can only assume the new ones haven’t replaced the old ones for some reason.

The folder you need to remove is

HD - library - application support - sonic academy - kick 2 - presets - DLC - artist preset pack vol 1

HD - library - application support - sonic academy - kick 2 - clicks - DLC - artist presets pack vol 1

Pc location is c - programData - sonic academy - kick 2

Alternatively I can remotely connect to help resolve this for you.

Did not help.

I suggest you contact Cakewalk SONAR and sort this out. I wish I could record the screen to show you.

This is totally ridiculous!!!

i can connect to your computer and you can show me it happening - might help to diagnose the issue

There is nothing you can do remotely - just looking at the forums, it’s littered with the same issue across all DAWs!!!

Please fix the preset pack or Kick 2. When paying for stuff, i expect it TO WORK!

We can diagnose the problem and check it’s all installed properly with the correct permissions etc.

We are trying to help in what ever way we can. If that doesn’t seem to be enough we would be happy to give you a refund.

  1. Everything is installed correctly.
  2. I’m not interested in a refund, just a glitch-free vst.

I’ll be waiting for more updates.