Sounds From Scratch

just wondering if the vids will delve any deeper than opening a simpler instrument? can we get some vids on how to make the sounds form scratch, like on the french elecro house htsl, all of the sounds are samples?

there are a few section in several of the other videos that make the sounds from scratch :slight_smile:

Just seems like if we dont then we cant get any variation on the sound, and there will be 100s of ppl making the exact same tune, really its just a tutorial on how 2 arrange a track of a given genre

if you are shown the basic’s of using a synth then you should be able to play around and figure out most sounds with time and practice. sonic academy have shown a few videos explaining the basics of using sylenth, selecting Oscillators mixing them and shaping them along with Modulation should be easy to apply to any subtractive VA synthesizer.

if there are any particular sounds you are struggling with or synths then post up the sounds and you may find that one or more of the guys at SA will be more than willing to help you out :slight_smile:

cheers mate will let ya no

Check out this tutorial.  I thought it was great!


[quote]piraino (08/02/2010)[hr]Check out this tutorial. I thought it was great!



Yes, absolutely one of the best tutorials out there. I can testify to that. Worth every penny!.. :slight_smile:

He uses »Zebra 2« but everybody should have this soft-synth anyway. It’s very affordable and you can make any sound with the Zebra (almost). Also, his Psy-amb tutorial is great. Nice to follow an in-depth tutorial about how to create a track from scratch…

And yes, he uses Cubase, but a DAW is a DAW…