Sounds from tut used on remix of a Deadmu5 track

Sounds from an SA tut used on remix of a Deadmu5 track.

Dr. Funkenstein-Deadmua5(remixed by Michael O’Howe)

Oh, sounds from Fidget Electro tut.

Maybe Michael O’Howe uses this website :smiley:

Hah only a couple of sounds mind but they’re very simialr eh?

Kina cool i’m sure SA wouldn’t be too bothered as the timbre is hardly ground breaking

lol nothing wrong with using every sound in a track, so long as you reproduce them yourself or use them from a soundset nothing wrong with almost copying the structure of a know track or even using the same riff so long as it’s only similar and not the same.

you can do it, but why would you want to ?