Space Cakes - 30 Minute Meal

Hey lot! I put together a little ditty about 30 minutes long for your breaks listening pleasure. This is pure funky beats peeps! Enjoy!

30 minute meal mp3 by Space Cakes

Great mix man, had reinvigorated my love from drum patterns other than 4/4.

Decided I oughta get back to making breakbeats, so I wanted to offer you a free drumkit I made.

Sampled from “Get Out of My Life Woman” by Lee Dorsey.

Shoot me a pm on here or on soundcloud if interested.

great mix bro, good energy and smooth

Nice lil mix mate, enjoyed listening to it :slight_smile:

Thanks peeps! There was a good year or two where I just wasn’t satisfied with anything that was coming out breaks or techno for that matter… Seems like the producers have gotten their act together though as there’s a ton of really great stuff coming out now. I’ve really been inspired over the past couple of weeks to get back in the saddle and this was my test run to see if I still had even the slightest bit of mixing skills. Guess like you Jon, a few records into it and voila! Thanks everyone! I plan to do either a 30 min mix a week now or a megamix each month. Suppose I should get back to trying to promote myself as well! Next mix, I’m feelin a little funk in the style of Format:B! I have some tuneage that I’ve been dying to lay in a mix! You know, if enough of us DJ, maybe SA should set up an internet radio station…