Speaker bleed plug in

Ahhh can’t remember the name of that plug in that replicates speaker bleed when you’re listening through headphones?

Can anyone remember? Trying to find it.


Maybe the Redline Monitor?


[quote]TheAnt (08/01/2011)[hr]Maybe the Redline Monitor?


That’s the one, cheers :slight_smile:

What does this actually do?

It’s looking like I’m going to have to do a fair bit of headphone monitoring :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok sorry for being a lazy barsteward!

After downloading, having a play and doing some swatting this could be a ‘must have’ plug-in for everyone!

I’m not sure (I’ll have to check later) but they are talking about including “presets” in a future update.  If you had multiple speaker set ups and want to do some checking late at night you would be able to quickly “switch” set ups at full volume etc.  I’ve got some G2 RP8s & some RP6s so this seems like the perfect tool for me!  Plus I’d like to widen my speakers slighty so once I’ve got the replication right I just tweeky a knob! Saves standing back and repositioning!

I guess the main use for this is on the Master chain?