Speaker Popping

Hey guys,

I’m having a problem with my speakers popping. Actually to be more precise, I’m having problems with the track popping. After hearing the pops through my speakers, I tried listening through my headphones and was getting the same thing. They happen sporadically. All I’m playing is a REZ 2.0 sub through the arpeggiator. There is still plenty of headroom in the mixer. Is this because I haven’t EQ’ed it, or something else possibly?

I doubt you have eq problems.

Could be associated with sound card latency especially if its happening with other vsti’s. If so it may be worth reading up on a Asio drivers.


Have you tried adjusting the attack? (adsr envelope) that can sometimes cause clicking or popping.

I think you may be right about the sound card being the issue. I’ve been reading a few things suggesting this can be the problem, and considering the computer I’m using, it seems to be likely. Lets hope I can fix it, I need my earth-shaking sub yo!