SPECial Needs

Hi guys, hope you’re all good and ready to take on the weekend! :smiley:

Okay, so my laptop has finally started to feel the strain of modern VST’s, namely ANA :wink: which by the way is super cool, so if you haven’t got it then I recommend you get it!

I’ve got a PC that I use in the studio which has more than enough capabilities, but I prefer to use a laptop when I’m just bouncing ideas around so that I can sit with the wife and not be so anti-social all the time! ha ha

Anyway, she has a DELL Inspiron with an i3 processor and I was just wondering whether you guys think that is enough spec or whether I should save up and go for something else like an i5 or i7? I contemplated going for a Macbook but apart from them costing much more than a laptop, I’m also worried of buying it, then my PC becoming redundant and I’ve spent a small fortune upgrading that puppy! :stuck_out_tongue: