Spectrasonics Trilian Demo...WOW

This is the most amazing bass synth I’ve ever seen. Truly. I’m stunned. 34 GB of bassy goodness. The interfaces look incredible too. So many possibilities.

So overwhelmed. Must…go…purchase… :crazy:

EDIT: Sorry…I got so worked up I forgot to post the link. :slight_smile:

Now all I need is a Cray supercomputer to run it and I’ll be happy.

isn’t this sample based?

A lot of people think it’s a rompler but it really is a full synth. It’s got loads of parameters, oscillators, filters, envelopes, modulation, etc. and it’s all Hi-def. The sound quality is insane, hence the 34 GB library.

Someone compared it to the idea of combining Absynth, Kontakt, and Core together into one unit…I think that’s an accurate comparison.

Only problem is that is very CPU intensive. You need a beast of a processor to run it and from what I hear it’s more stable on 64 than 32.

Either way I’m excited to try it.

it is a rompler much better than nexus and others in its class from what i’ve been told

I would agree Jon.

I would also say that you could do more sound sculpting with something like Sylenth where you can pretty much go anywhere with it. Trilian (or Omnisphere for that matter) are both a little more limiting in what you can do with the sounds in the library but it is still a very broad (and beautiful) sonic palette to work with.

I like that they have also included some parameters specific to each sound, as sometimes too many parameters can bog me down and cause me to lose creative workflow.

yeah i agree with you i know a producer that only used romplers and his sound is by no means weak and he always seems to have a wide variety to his sounds and for anyone interested in buying a rompler this is the one to get.

for most parts i tend to stay clear of romplers, its nothing to do with being unique its just to me it take’s away my favorite part of production :slight_smile:

i think there’s a large percentage of producers these days that use presets, not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you use presets then a rompler is probably a good choice.

i was going to start a thread for people to post names of presets and synths used in tracks but i really don’t know if we could get enough feedback to make it any use to the forum

Yeah this is a rom player alright, hence no oscillators. Iv been waiting a while for this, no doubt I will end up buying it.

I have read some reviews on it and there is nothing but good things to say about it. That company always puts out good stuff tho.