SPEEDBALL (Synthwave remix) - Vintage videogame music, 100% ANA 2

Synthwave remix of the original title track for “Speedball”, an AWESOME 1989
videogame by The Bitmap Brothers. Original track by David Whittaker.

This is an early mix, but the song structure is finished.


I haven’t heard the original but I liked this for a short synthwave piece. I particularly found the arp synth slowing down effect from 0:53 seconds to be interesting.

The whoosh that ends at 0:23, 0:56 and 1:28 pierces a bit too loudly in the treble for me.

There seems to be more than one kick sound. I suggest you consolidate to just one kick, reduce the number of beats to three per bar most of the time and turn the kick up slightly. From 1:07 especially, I think the kick could be in more definitive places to hit home the rhythm better as the track speeds up.

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Thanks Phil! I’ll have a look at the kick issue and make sure the riser is under control.

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Long time no see, hope you’re doing well :wink:

Nice one, you managed to keep the older game tune feel but with a modern twist on it :wink:

Great use of stereo and panning in this one and cool sound design as well.

Agree with Phil that the kick could be louder, not sure about the rhythmic pattern, it’s also worth listening to the original to get a clue of the reference, they used a kind of noise kick typical from those Atari’s machines at the time.

Cheers !


Thanks, @Tekalight. Yes, I’m doing well. Four new tracks 99% finished, all them completely stuck. This is the first thing I manage to finish in a LOOOONG while.

The aim of this track is to “upgrade” the original, but still be a great fit for the original videogame. That includes keeping the “old-school arcade videogame” vibe.

For now, I completely trashed the kick and put a new one, and now I’ll let the track sleep for a few days, trying to get a fresh ear. The SoundCloud version is now updated.

I honestly don’t know how the hell I missed the kick issue. I guess Gadget iOS + Headphones got me into a tunnel vision that I couldn’t get rid of when I moved to Live.


Maybe little less Use of that impact sound. But I really like the creativity in it. Maybe don’t try to over do it a s well with the panning. But I know where you want to go and I rellay like the idea over all. I would listen to it again!

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Thanks @Woask and the rest of the people who listened to it. I reworked the kick completely, and taking into account that comments about “boominess” in my mixes are usual -so it’s almost sure that I have to check my listening environment-.

Besides that, I tamed a bit of the “extremes” in my mix. For example, the riser is compressed now without making up, so the loudest part is not that explosive.

Thanks everyone for their comments, I’m positive it sounds better now.

Really nice.

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