Spencer & Hill bass/lead

ive been trying to create this bass/lead sound in sylenth1 but not had much luck.

i know it contains saw.square osc and sum white noise but cant quite get the right combo and filtering…any haelp would be much appreciated.

thanxs in advance:)




I really want to make some bass synths and leads like spencer and hill too, they are the vengeance guys so they have a big studio to make this sounds not just sylenth. But if u guys can help :) i will be glad to see some how to sound like videos about this guys . 

And keep doing the good work guys i think the infos inside the new videos are great .  :slight_smile:

I agree! How to sound like spencer & hill would be really cool and usefull!

I hope you guys at Sonic Academy can make an awesome tutorial like this, because it can’t be found anywhere else.

I really hope you will respond to this request and I am sure a lot off your subscribers would like a tutorial like this.


Here are some songs/examples:

- YouTube

Basseline starts at 1:00

Spencer & Hill - Right On Time (Radio Mix) - YouTube

Basseline starts right away

Spencer & Hill - Dumb Party (Original Mix) - YouTube

Basseline starts at 2:00

yepp they have definately a cool sound

would like how to get that nice catchy basslines too!


Please make a spencer & hill “how to sound like” tutorial! :slight_smile:



Ohhh yeah “Spencer & Hill - Right On Time” is one of my fav’s. I always wanted to make a bassline/lead as fast as they do but I dunno what scale they are in its all just so complicated. How to they do such fast basslines?!

I would love to see an example here on Sonic Academy! +1 for the idea…:D:D

Want want want.