Spinnin Demo Pool Submission

Hi there,

Spinnin records has a demo pool submission going, maybe you would like to enter, but for this round…

If you could on this occasion, follow the link below, like the page, accept the app (can delete it after) and drop us a vote


I saw this and I find it a bit silly. You could have the best track in the world and upload it but guess what if you don’t have a million Facebook friends to like and vote for your track Spinnin won’t hear it. Seems like such a waste…

Agree with that Jan!

Agreed, this sounds like the kind of ridiculous, greedy, money-grabbing, bull**** kind of bollocks that is threatening to ruin dance music.

Why is a label more interested in getting as many Facebook likes as they can, rather than finding great new music to put out.


I’ve just looked into this a little bit, and seems like Spinnin Records is getting alot of negative feedback on this - which i think is fully deserved!

The thing that really made me laugh - was that they actively stated in their press release for the promotion for the launch of the pool, that they receive 150 demo submissions a day, and can’t possibly be expected to listen to all of them!

What the hell are these people doing all day then? If you can’t be arsed to take the time to listen to demo’s - don’t run a label!

I don’t think this has anything at all to do with honest intentions of trying to find talented new artists - i just think this is a pathetic marketing and PR exercise to try and get more followers, emails etc.

Shame on Spinnin Records - it really is worrying that labels such as this are getting involved in this kind of crap. 

I have just instantly lost all respect for them as a credible label who actually cares about good music.

Its a shame really cos Spinnin are pretty huge, my advice of you want to get on Spinnin is to send your tracks to DJ’s that have sub labels on Spinnin And try to do it that way but this Demo Pool is just a joke And like i said they are screwing themselves over because there could be sooooooo many potential hits that they never get a chance to listen to because DJ X from Uzbekistan has 3 friends as an example. But this whole thing isn’t even about finding new artists or whatever it’s pure marketing and getting Facebook likes which is a shame but tbh I don’t think they care they make a lot of money through the big name artists they have and even big name DJ’s like Fedde Le Grand who have their own labels are now coming to Spinnin to release their records. I just hope Armada can hold out cos they are the only real competitor Spinnin has in Holland.

I agree it sucks but unfortunately that’s the name of the game at the moment, please take a listen and if you’re feeling it vote for me and if you’re not, help me troll and vote for me:P