SPL Transient Designer

Heard about this a little while ago in a Future Music mag but never got round to having a look at it. Anyway, I looked it up today and watched a demo video for it and it looks really good. When I was reading the article it said things like, it can make your drums punchier, give them more clarity etc. But I thought, thats nothing you can’t do with a compressor and some EQ. I’ve done a search of the forums before I wrote this, just incase it’s old news, but there’s only about 5 posts that mention it and only a couple of people said they have it. It looks awesome, and it’s definitely on my to buy list. Just thought I would share the love. I’ve embedded the video anyway, Looks awesome…

It adds the click that compression kills, or that wasnt really there - basically afaiu.

Theres a cheap one for like 25 dollars from shaak audio or something, cant really remember.

Also, one bundled in Logic - the Enveloper.