Stacking reversed sample and original in same order

Hi there,

My end goal is to play something and it’s reversed version in the same order :

let’s say I have a sample : ABCDE

I reverse it, making it : ErDrCrBrAr (all the sounds reversed)

I have two audio tracks one containing the original, the reverse on the other.

right now it’s stacked like ABCDE


how can I stack it like this


Ar Br Cr Dr Er

I’m hoping there is some super easy solution to this that my dumb head is missing … thanks guys

2 Audio tracks.

Normal one - Track A

Copy of normal (reversed) - Track B


No… thats not it… See what you mean.

What about reversing the audio copy… then splitting that copy to a sampler track?

Are you using live? Slice to sampler?

then use the midi notes to play them in the correct order?

In ableton you can copy all the samples onto 2 audio tracks in arrange view and rev the audio and move/split the samples into any order

Then consolidate and resample to 1 audio track

Yeah I ended up doing it the really long way … reversing the individual midi clips and then re-arranging, re-reversing, etc, etc … still not sure how it’d be done on a mixed sample … anyway, thanks very much and 100 million internet points to you all.