Started a ZHU inspired track, tell me what you guys think so far

Here is another for for you guys! I started this project after being on a ZHU hype. The arrangement is not finished. I’ve got most of the sounds together but now i’m in the process of trying to incorporate each sound into the arrangement in a tasteful way.

I Started using the concepts of gain staging and keeping a eye out on my correlation meter so it does not go into the negative on SPAN Plug-in. My whole mix is at -6 dB before slapping on Fab Filter Saturn on the master chain the brighten the track just a bit and using Maximus to bring the overall mix closer to 0.

Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!

Looks you’ve been inspired by the ZHU “One Kiss” remix… :slight_smile:

Hey, great work & great start BTW, very nice groove with a simple but solid & effective beat and very great synths layers in there, you really need to push it further with the arrangement now, you could develop a good one with this IMO.

Still watch out for the levels… LOL

Cheers !