Staying logged into the site


Just curious - are we any closer to being able to stay logged into the site rather than it kicking us off after being idle for x mins.

I get auto emailed links to posts and I have to always go back to the main site, login, then back to the post to reply (if I click reply it takes me to a login screen that doesn’t work)

I’m getting by without it obviously but would really love to see that fixed as it’s pretty much the only thing that hinders my posting in the forums.

Ta muchly

we are aware of this and will hopefully be able to sort it out when it comes to updating our website


Leg-end, cheers Bry

its slightly better using firefox but safari is useless when it comes to this site. i was having to log-in every time i changed page at one point


Just following this topic, is there any way of staying logged on with my computer when I goto the site?

Also, it’s probably my settings but it logs out after a while is there anyway to fix this?