Steal of the Century

Hi guys,

Hope you’re well and that all’s good in the world of music!

I’ve managed to bag myself a set of Yamaha HS80’s for an absolute bargain! :w00t:

I’ve already got a pair of HS50’s. My question is should I sell the 50’s now I’ve got the bigger brother or will they still have a use when it comes to the mid-high range?

sell em

u buy the 80s online? if u did, mind sharing the link?

No mate, they were up on Ebay, unused as well. Thought I’d got a real bargain but then he called me an hour before I was due to collect them saying he took one out of the box and there was a slight split in the cone :crying:

He said I was welcome to still come and see them and that he’d pay my petrol money too which I thought was really good of him. When I got there he showed me the split which didnt look too bad, but then when he got the other out of the box to show me, there was condensation or something all over the back of it! :crazy:

I couldnt believe my luck! He said I could take them away though and test them over the next couple of weeks and if I like them then we could talk about the price and if not then no harm no foul…