Step Inside the Machine | Synthwave

Hi all!

This is my second track that I’ve published.
The songs style is in a darker synthwave style.
I got a bit carried away when making the intro for the song, so I decided to split it into two tracks.

I’m just a newbie in this, so I would appreciate all feedback regarding the release.

eaglesBay · Step Inside the Machine

Hi there and sorry for the delayed reply.

This Soundcloud Link is pointing to 2 tracks, which one would you like to receive feedback on ?

If it’s for both tracks, then please create separated posts with a single link to Soundcloud for each one.

A correct sharing link form Soundcloud should also embed the Soundcloud link inside your post.
( see other posts in the track Feedback category to see how it should look like ).

Thank you.

Cheers :sunglasses:

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Oh, I see.
Let’s see if it works now.

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Sorry for late reply on this :wink:

Cool track, could fit for a game, it’s hard to put this one in a specific genre box, it’s different than synthwave.

Sounds very minimal to me at the moment, you could enhance the beat with hats and other percussive elements and bring in more synths and melodic elements as well. You have room to add other elements in this track, but all depends what your goal is.

The Kick is really punching hard, it works though. There’s a rumble created by the bass that you may want to get rid of by filtering unwanted low end. You can pick this at 1:55 and 2:14 for example.

Thank you for the feedback! Mixing is something that I am currently learning so that I can start adding more elements without it getting all muddied up. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good but also a bit empty. A vocal would be nice and a lead melody, coldwave or post punk style.


Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile: I have now started to really work on mixing, and have noticed that I can add much more layers to songs with proper mixing without the song getting too crowded and muddy.