Stereo/Mono Key, Logic Pro X

Hey guys,

Anyone know how to create a “stereo to mono” toggle key in Logic Pro X? So far, I’ve found there is an built-in toggle key (Control+Shift+S) to make a channel to mono/stereo. However, I’d rather have a utility plug-in mono the stereo out mix with a toggle key, like (Command+M), which is currently set to minimizing the Logic Pro X window. I haven’t been able to create the toggle key using the Key Commands or Controller Assignments windows.

Appreciate any advice and tips.


The only way I can think of doing it is via smart controls. Open the gain utility, then smart controls and assign the mono button to a hardware controller button. If you figure out a better way, please let me know - curious about this one! Can I ask the reason for wanting to use the gain utility plugin?

Thanks for the reply. I found the gain utility plug-in helpful in previewing stereo sound in mono with a few trackpad taps. It would be so great to instantly switch to mono with a key command.