Stereo width on synths when making trance in Reason

I notice that when you do your trance/tech-trance tutorials, you are usually using Sylenth as the main synth, and when sounds are created, the stereo control in sylenth spread the various oscillators used for the synth sound, across the stereo field.

Should you try and do the same kind of thing when making trance in Reason?

For example, if you create a sound for your trance track in Reason using the Thor synth, selecting the multi-oscillator mode to mimic the sound of Sylenth, one difference is going to be that the individual oscillators are not spread across the stereo spectrum!

Would you try and replicate this in Reason?

Thanks, David.

if you watch the mixing creating space tutorial cover different uses for width on lead sounds.

if its your main sound to can actually be beneficial to reduce the width but for secondary sounds spreading them out can be useful.

you can make a stereo width control with any delay