Steven Galan - Entra Mi Alma ( Original Mix ) *SOON OUT*

Hey once again , br
so this is my latest work ( been 2 months now but w/e :stuck_out_tongue: ), br
signed already on Mutant Bit Records ( br
I’m waiting now to hear about the release date and meanwhile I was thinking about br
sharing the parts to any interested fellow producer out there for a remix !br
The best remixes will get the chance for a release on Mutant Bit Records .br
If you are interested on the track reply or send me a PM so I can send youbr
the complete track as promo the parts ! :)br
iframe width=β€œ560” height=β€œ315” src=β€œ//” frameborder=β€œ0” allowfullscreen/iframe

Yes i will remix this - can you send me the parts?br
What’s the best way of transferring them - i have signed up for this new service simply called β€˜Copy’ but do you normally use Dropbox or something?

ill send u a pm with the files on zippyshare mate, its a free service :)br
im not at home right now, ill do it in an hour so hope u are patient ! :smiley: