Strange modulation on bass when kick and bass playing

Something funny going on here and I cant fix it, when I have my bass and kick playing at the same time the bass fades in and out, like there is some kind of filter modulation on it. You can even see it in span on the master going round and round.

This doesnt happen when either the kick or bass is played alone, only at the same time.

Anyone know why this would be and how to fix it? I’m using minimoog V for the bass and the kick in coming from battery 3 in cubase 5.

only thing i can think of is that there is some phase cancellation between the 2 channels. this would explain why they each sound fine in isolation but there is the filtered effect when played together.

There is a way to check this but a specific plugin from Brainworx is needed, the bx_control.

Basically you put it on your master and then solo the kick and bass. Then in the VST you will see a correlation meter. If it is sitting in the middle, then there are phase issues. If it is sitting at either +1 or -1 then you can rule out that as being the cause.

I might be completely off the mark here though :slight_smile:

Span has a correlation meter and the both sit at +1 but I still have a feeling it phaseing issues.

Do these plugin s you speak of fix the issue and just show you the issue?

If it is phasing how can it be fixed?

unfortunately they only help identify the issue, not fix it :frowning:

one thing to try as an experiment is to increase or decrease the frequency of the bass slightly and see if that makes a difference to the phasing.

Also a wee bit of side chain compression on the bass (side chained to the kick) might just get the bass out of the way enough to avoid the reduction in amplitude that could happen due to the phasing.

I think its phasing, the fundemental fq of the bass and kick are the same, the bass is a heavy off beat bass, I’ve put transident designer on the kick but hasnt helped and I’ve sidechained the bass (with an LFO Tool).

Are there any other ways other then EQ the you know of? With them both having the same fundemental FQ eqing will mean I will lose drive for one of them.

yeah you right, hmmm, ok can you invert the phase of the either the left or right channel of bass with the moog or a utility plugin? or perhaps change the panning of the left and right channels slightly.

These dudes make something that can possibly achieve the above, - try the Moneo plugin

cheers for the advice, unfortunatly didnt work. I tried phase bug and moneo. I’m not sure how to invert the phase in the vst or cubase…

in cubase to invert the pahse you click the button marked with a circle and line thru

[quote]jpgetty2win (08/05/2011)[hr]in cubase to invert the pahse you click the button marked with a circle and line thru[/quote]

thats what i was gonna say!

I thought so…didnt work either… this is a real bugger, its killing my track. Must be a solution for this, I’m sure people would of had this issue in the past…

What about changing the Kick? to a different note in the same Key?

ill probably repeat some thing already listed but…

change the pitch of one of them… kick or bass…

phase invert

sidechain the bass

dont play the bass at the same time as the kick…

ill post others to try wen i think of em

the only think I havent done it change the pitch of the kick or bass, this is because I made the kick and what it in this key, I already have my chords built so cant change the bass either. Kick need to be in key so dont wanna change it but its looking like I my have no choice…

Have you any mastering fx on your master buss?

No just span and its below 0db…

as long as the note that the bass is playing or is changed to play is a note in a scale represented by the kick, then you are free to change the pitch of the bass without it moving out of key with both the chords and kick.

This will notably give the track a slightly different feel but will keep everything in key and ensure there is no dissonance in the low-end as well as hopefully removing the phasing issue.