Stuck on bassline?

really need some help trying to work out this problem Im trying to make a bassline like this and I can get very close using the off beat tripplet trance bassline and setting the velocity low on my bottom note and setting the velocity to cutoff ab and volume ab in sylenth but I just can not for the life of me work out how they are getting it to be one complete smooth sound not matter what i try the lower note is still tapping away I just cant get it to be one smooth motion I have also played around with filter cutoff envelopes and amp envelopes for a long time but still not luck I have tried different filter postions and also played around using a gate to mask the bottom note so Im really at an end point and could really use some help if anyone is able to help me out

same kind of bassline you hear in marcel woods advanced there is just something they do to just make it even smoother then his bassline?

Audiotek & Kidd Kaos - You Got The Love (Album Edit) - YouTube