Studio acoustics


i have in my “studio” 2 KRK rokit RP8 and a 10s subwoofer.

I was thinking to get my room acoustics better by buying bass traps, diffusion foam and stuff like this.

Also saw this kind of thing for subbass :

Does anybody use something in his room?

how to position absorber and diffusion foam in your room?

or is it just recommendable in real studio rooms?

thx for your answer,ideas etc :wink:



If you’re in a small room or using a sub you really need basstraps in the corners or else you’ll have massive bass nodes with any type of volume.

I built my own basstraps with rockwool and the sound is far tighter now.  I was always guessing at the low end without the traps.

Gearslutz forums has a very detailed section on all types of accoustic treatment.  Its all very technical but well worth it if your serious about getting the best possible sound in your room.

I use auralex. Work great with me.

howie why can’t I view your soundcloud link?

i did bought everything from Bass traps to diffusers. also a room correction Package.

corners are good place to start… also behind my speakers i have trap which tidys things up.

[quote]UnitedVision (25/08/2010)[hr]howie why can’t I view your soundcloud link?[/quote]

Because I deleted all my songs. The bigger labels dont like songs on soundcloud, so I keep them off. I have been slacking with my music lately too because of school. But I’m getting a better understanding of music as I go along. My synthesis class is a TON of reading, but my Logic class should not tie up as much of my time.