Studio Headphone Monitors

Hi guys, im making music nowadays with 20 euros Sony headphones, i actually love them because everything i do sounds so good, but it doesnt really sound that good when i play my music in different speakers, i would like to know from you people what headphones you recomend, my budget is 200 euros. I had AKG 240 before and i just hate them, could not make music using that. If anyone have any advices would be great, thanks. go crazy!

I swear by my Sennheiser HD25’s not sure how much they cost these days but i paid about £125 about 5 years ago. Not sure what that works out in euros but there a quality set.

Hope this helps

Ive used these for the last few years…

[url]Sennheiser HD280 Pro review: Sennheiser HD280 Pro - CNET

super comfortable and sound decent. good value too.

Cool man, im getting one next month.

Im using a pair of ultrasones that I’ve been happy so far with.