Studio monitors

hi guys just want to know is it worth buying a pair of studio monitors what would be the real benifits im just in a bedroom buy the way, but i still have it loud, plz help

you’ll always benefit from a set of studio monitors, also it may be more beneficial to your self when producing tracks to only produce at conversation levels as your ears will get very tired quickly and you will make bad decisions on what sounds good or not. its also never gonna emulate what you hear in a club, how ever its also worth checking mixes at different volumes.

but generally speaking lower volumes mean longer session with out so many mistakes

i wondered this myself too.

Jon - do you have any recommendations? i am going to buy a desktop and maybe these speakers

i can’t justify paying a huge amount on decent studio monitors as i’m fairly new to production at the moment and i would like to avoid (for now anyway) buying a desk mixer to run monitors through.

however i’ve got a djm500 and jbl control 5 speakers in the loft from my dj setup - would it be worth giving those a try, and running through a denon amp?

the jbl would probably be a better option than the creative, the reason for this is that creative speakers are designed for games and and movies on your pc and will somewhat color your sound (make it sound brighter than what it is).

its hard to recommend monitors as i personally wouldn’t spend a fortune when making dance music but then i also wouldn’t recommend anything under a 5 or 6 inch driver.

lowest i would recommend is

highest i would recommend is

if you really are not prepared to pay out that sorta cash for a set of monitors then a high quality pair of headphones will do you more justice than those desktops you are looking at.

although again if all you wanna do is have a play around make a few noises and not really get into production in any serious way then anything that produces sound will be fine. as you’ve already said you have a set then wouldn’t worry about spending out the cash if this is the case

That’s great thanks jon. i’ve bought 3 guitars from digital village before, in barnet and cambridge their service is really good.

i’m on the verge of getting a desktop today, and i know i shouldn’t but am looking at buying from pc world.

do you run your setup through a fancy sound card in your pc? or would you say a nice set of speakers should be sufficient?

those speakers that you are looking at will simply plug into the line out of you sound card, most modern onboard sound cards will be fine for starting with mate shouldn’t worry about it to much a the level you want.

as again sound cards can cost from £60 to £7000

definitley use your JBL’s. Computer speakers sound terrible.

Or failing that get some second hand monitors. If you can afford it the best out there are KRK RP5’s.

You could also pick up a second hand midi keyboard for under fourty quid probably. Also a second hand audio card wouldn’t cost must.

PC World - Noooooooooo! Honestly mate, that place is so shit I can’t even begin to tell you. People will disagree with me but I’ve had NO issues with all the Dell’s I’ve had in the past and they’re not as overpriced as PC world. If you’re only using it for music production make sure you get a couple of gigs of ram and loads of hard disc space, CPU’s are all pretty powerful these days so you should be ok with most new PC’s.

If you’re up for a cheap PC, Europc used to be pretty good, althoguh I’ve been away for the UK for nearly 3 years so that could have changed.

Honestly though, PC world is only good for blank DVD’s, I’d not buy a pc from there in a million years.

ok i might try the jbls, but i’m running out of space! also i’d need to run through my denon amp and djm500 mixer and again space is an issue :frowning:

grrr pc world, after a weekend of getting f#>cked about with them saying monitors were in stock - only to find they are being used for display. Why class them as in stock?!?!? so after tri[ps to 3 of their stores i picked up a pretty sweet deal

got a quad core vista system, 6gb of ram, 640gb hdd and an lg monitor. only has an intel onboard graphics card bu ti just wanted this for music only - the deal cost me 530 so not too bad.

on topic for stud mons i was thinking of getting either of these

or (suggested by jon fisher)

I’ll have to see which store they are in stock for and give them a blast first.

just have a look on Digital Village and post up some that you like and maybe we could give you a second opinion on them.

the first set of m-audio’s you have looked at are ok but better for media rather than production.

my honest opinion you should be looking in the £150-£350 range, that way you’ll probably find something that would do the job and suit your budget at the same time.

btw if you posted your budget it makes it much easier to suggest appropriate monitors

ok cool jon, thanks.

like most people i’d say my budget is as cheap as possible :slight_smile: but to be honest i would probably say £150 max as i’m new to this so don’t want to go overboard on spending. but like you say i would likeeed something that is going to last and be more worthwhile in the long run.

i’m open to all kinds of offers on brands up to 150, and maybe 170 if there really is a difference in quality from that increase of money these are the deluxe version they have better quality drivers and components compared to the standards at currently at £149 thats a barging mate.

i also recommended the esi near to another member and he was more than happy with what he got for the money

PC World PC - oh well - you’re going to have fun with the support guys if that thing ever breaks!

Anyways, monitors - you should be able to pick up a 2nd hand pair of KRK’s for 150, have a look on Ebay. RP5’s are the ones you should get. They’re in the top 10 in Future music each month.

[quote]bouffont (4/27/2009)[hr]PC World PC - oh well - you’re going to have fun with the support guys if that thing ever breaks!

Anyways, monitors - you should be able to pick up a 2nd hand pair of KRK’s for 150, have a look on Ebay. RP5’s are the ones you should get. They’re in the top 10 in Future music each month.[/quote]

yeah it’s defo worth looking at a second hand pair of KRK’s but be aware that they wouldn’t be under warranty, even if the person selling them claims they still have warranty some/most companies will NOT transfer warranty, so maybe worth checking first if KRK Transfer warranties

For the price these are very good…


basically Mackie’s bargain range.

would have also recommended the tapcos but they were almost £100 over budget

Hey id go for the samson rubicon R5A check them out, £279 but you can shop around for cheaper… hey if you own a credit card… then maybe you should think about buying what you really want…(dont go mad) and then get a virgin CCard and transfer the balance… you got 16 months interest free… just dont use it for anything else! for purchases…just transfer the balance and cut the card up… pay it off and your laughing… :slight_smile:

Thats how ill buy my next hardware synth :slight_smile: