Studio Room Treatment

Just got my studio room treated and if you’re wondering if it makes a difference I’m here to tell you that it does!!

Had some of my favorite trance playing(naturally) and as I was hanging up a few panels I could tell an immediate difference in the sound of the room.

If you’re not sure what to get or what to do here are some things that will help.

I used Auralex and if you go to this site and fill out the free personalized room analysis they will send you back what kit you might need and where to hang the panels. Trust me it’s helpful if you’re not sure.

If you have a (studio)bedroom type setup check out the youtube vids “Studio Rescue” with Francis Buckley

hope this helps :cool:

was it expensive?

i guess you could say thay it was a little costly. My studio space is a 10ft x10ft space. Auralex recommended the Project 2 roominator kit which cost me $600.00. after taxes and shipping more around $800.00:w00t: i’m in this for the long haul so i consider this a great investment. the kit consists of 8 basstraps and 24 studiofoam wedges and 5 tubes of tubetak.

the whole kit filled most of the room in the right spots. well worth the money in my opinion after listening to my mixes now. the room has a lot flatter response. still think i need a few more panels and bass traps though. (still a very slight ring)

auralex costomer service was good to. had a few question about installation and they got back to me really quick.:slight_smile:

i’m glad you said that as i have just got the same kit and will be doing my Garage out as a studio over the next week or two :slight_smile: … Spent the past few weeks bricking it up and wall papering etc :smiley:

I have the kit sat in my lounge ready to go up :smiley:

hey will, any before and after results that you can post?

[quote]cosmic_artistry (27/03/2012)[hr]hey will, any before and after results that you can post?[/quote]

the track that I’m working on now was made with no room treatment. and it’s funny cause when i was working on it i never really thought anything was wrong with it UNTIL i played it back on other systems especially my ipod through headphones. sounded flat and very dull. and i mean very dull! this actual comparison got me to look into getting my studio room treated.

the great news is that now in my treated room the mix sounds the same as it does on headphones which tells me the room is not as active and it’s now giving me an accurate mix. it’s all is such a learning experience:w00t:

tomorrow i will post the kick from my current track leaving it as is when i made it without the room treatment and i will create a new kick (from the same samples)made in the now treated room. the treatment was just put up so i don’t have to many things made yet to compare to but i will try to give you something:)

If you can’t afford to treat your room, try mixing in your headphones (make sure you have good headphones).


Would love to get my room treated, it’s my girlfriends house though and she’s being well funny about me putting anything on the walls, meh.

(treated room) kick with compression

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

(untreated room) kick

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

as you can tell the first one is tighter with more punch;)