Studio upgrade

I have a hankering to buy something for my studio but really dont know what sooooo am looking for some ideas people.

Not really looking at VST’s and I have oodles, I’m thinking about the z3ta but I dont think I really need it.

I have monitors, keyboards, an x1 for traktor. I dont really want any DJ stuff.

So what cool gadgets could I spend my hard earned cash on fellas?

Wait for the ipad 2, that comes out in March.

really? the ipad is one bit of tech thats never interested me, I just dont see the point and cant see myself using it.

Really? For music production it’s such a good tool, there are some sick synths and stuff you can get that you can link up to your PC. Definitely a bit of kit i want for my studio.

interesting, I’ll have a look into that for sure

Yeah man, it’s becoming quite a staple in a lot of producers studios now.

What about an APC40 & MPD32 or NI Machine? They are fun.

I have the apc & MPD both hooked into ableton when I am making music.

I use the mpd for beats & the apc is great for the automapping it does 2 VSTS.

I use it all the time when I am EQing, automating or just playing with FX.

Also I use the APC to DJ with the MPD.

[quote]Roben (24/02/2011)[hr]Yeah man, it’s becoming quite a staple in a lot of producers studios now.[/quote]

Absolutely Roben.

I have been waiting for the iPad2 to come out for a while now.

The iPAD2 introduction is next week, but the ipAd2 won’t be available until April.

TOUCH OSC is the **** though, and I am definitely going to get 1 to use in the studio.

What about acoustic treatment?

[quote]Mussi81 (24/02/2011)[hr]What about acoustic treatment?[/quote]

The thought had crossed my mind but having never heard the results I’m a little unsure