Sub bass, unwanted feedback

heey, i have this issue. that’s a sub bassline. just a sine wave in operator, the envilopes r on default. in… section… beat 4.2… i get a… flicking feedback from the bass when when it plays that double hit of that note. iv adjusted elements in the envelope but i cant get rid of it. u could probably create that in minutes and see what i mean. need helt getting rid of it. i just want a double hit with no unwanted/different sound or
u can see the sub bassline in the pic. creating a space inbetween the notes dosnt do anything either. iv checked this with senheisser hd25’s aswell. still the
im not even sure what the feedback is.

post an audio examplebr

that file just has that sub bassline in itbr

you have clip automation on the release of operatorbr
turn that offbr
then shorten the first of the 2 notes slightly so they there is a gap