Subscription to the site

Hey guys,

I am new to the forum, but I can see that there is an option to pay for Gold or Silver subscription, where you get access to different videos and tutorials.

I was wondering if someone who has the subscription could give some thoughts on the value of them, is it worth it, how much do you learn etc etc.


btw, I use logic pro 9 and akai mpk49 midi.

well as a ex-subscriber I can honestly say that for me everything started here. I owned both gold and silver subscription in time (gold was better because of the prolonged time and a discounted price as opposed to getting a 3 months payment that i would have ended paying again)

On sonic academy you learn how to develop your own sound using techniques taught in the videos. It is also good for people that want to pursue that ‘How to sound like x’ career , not for my taste though. You CAN’T find better tutorials anywhere. You CAN’T find more information so well condensed anywhere.

Personally if i could afford it again I would subscribe out of respect for what this website has given to me(also the new gigi barocco tutorial) . After 2 and a half years I can say I am finally approaching what I want to produce and feel secure about every click I make in ableton because now I know exactly what I’m doing and know how to get the sound I want.

I strongly suggest you Subscribe if you can afford it and you think you have the inspiration to use what you will learn. Cheers

Yeah subscribe if you want to produce - £100 is a small price to pay for valuable knowledge that can help you achieve something!

You can’t put a price on that!