how come i have logged in to watch some videos and i am no longer subscribed??



[quote]georgekadar (04/01/2012)[hr]nevermind!


My sig to the rescue :slight_smile:

ahh for godsake…

im not a subscriber again!!

just payed for the 3 months the other day when it happened :crazy:

yep. just checked my statement. £34.99 came out on the 6th january. so how has this happened again


It looks like you resubscibed and then your previous sub canceled the other one… should be working now.

yeah it is!

cheers phil

Hi George,

you had your existing subscription still active whilst taking out a new one - i have cancelled your old one (you may have received a goodbye email)

please ignore that email as i have set your new subscription up as your only active subscription now which will continue to take payments as normal

thanks a lot guys