Substitute for Alchemy?

I’m working on the HTM Glitch Step tutorial & just started the Bass. I don’t own Alchemy, but have Native Instrument’s Synths. Is there a good sub for Alchemy?



Anything should do the job just fine really…

What do you need from it in specific? I havent seen the tut myself so cant really speak in specific and Alchemy has a lot of features that might need different tools…

Alchemy’s sample-based synthesis can easily be done via Simpler/Sampler (Dont think theres much you cant do on Simpler/Sampler that you can on Alchemy other than Granular Synthesis).

NI’s massive can do the same, its just a different interface.

That’s assuming you have it. Same with NI’s FM8. Except thats a little more advance since it uses both subtactive/additive synthesis and FM synthesis.

Another synth that is widely used is Sylenth1 by Lennard Digital. The difference between Alchemy and Sylenth1 is the abstract wave types that alchemy has, compared to the basic sine, square, saw, pulse etc… that sylenth1 has

thanks for the feedback - i’ve been tracking along with massive and it’s going pretty well