I am thinking of buying a sub for my home studio. The music I am working on is very influenced by “Dutch & latin Dutch” house music(Laidback Luke/Vato GOnzalez/Artistic Raw/Alvaro). Room is roughly 14 ft wide by 9 ft deep. I have Adams A7X monitors and would like to get a better feeling for the bottom of my tracks.

What size sub and what models are you guys using or have worked with that you liked? I don’t mind investing in bass traps and sound proofing but don’t want to over do it as i doubt I’ll stay here for more than a year or 2(watched the home made accoustic vid btw)…i am not handy at building stuff

I have worked with an Adam Sub 10 and liked it. I was told the sub 7 should suffice for my space. I’ve noticed there’s a sub 8 also. I’m going to look at the specs and consider all 3.

ADAM Audio - High Precision Studio Monitors from Berlin, Germany

I also starting reading up on Genelec Subs

I’d like to play my tracks more in the clubs and i feel limited when working with sub frequencies @ home. I keep getting surprises good and bad when i listen or play my tracks on club systems.

I upgrade my speakers to Dynaudio BM15s… i was just never really comfortable with the bottom end on the Mackies.

Ive had the BM15s for a couple of weeks now and the difference in the extended low range really makes a big difference to how i listen and mix music.

I guess the same would apply to adding a sub… although it might take a bit more tweaking with the setup.

We work in an area of music where bass and sub bass is incredibly important so i would recommend anyone to go for an extended low range setup.

The adam sub 8 seems to be well suited to your monitors and gets good reviews.

I went to 3 pro-audio shops last week & I listened to a bunch of dif subs.

The tightest sounding was the Klein & Hummel 0810 which was 2400$(for the floor model) instead of 2600$ for a new one. I love the sound of it.

I listened to the Genelec 7060B which was nice. They are asking 2500$ but are willing to sell the floor model for 1900$ I ended up finding out they’ve had the floor model sub in-store since 2008. Probably could get it for 1700$ or less…

In both cases the floor models come with full warranties.

The Sub8 is just under 900$ and I’m going to hear it Tuesday(if it’s anything close to the sub 10 should be fine, I worked on the sub 10 for 3 months and thought it was adequate)

Is investing in the Klein & Hummel really over doin it? Many people around me think so.

I’m investing in treating my room acoustically also.

*important note: I am not rich been saving for months for this upgrade:unsure:

I guess if you had the H&H 0300 it would be a no brainier.

i nearly went for them over the BM15s but would have had to get the Sub at the same time which was working out near 5k in total.

Im interested to hear your thoughts on the sub 8

will they have a set of you sepakers to test it with?

OMG! £2,300 for a pair of monitors. I’m in the wrong job I think! :w00t:

[quote]jonsloan (21/02/2012)[hr]OMG! £2,300 for a pair of monitors. I’m in the wrong job I think! :w00t:[/quote]

Ditto :w00t:

So I thought I’d update you guys on what I finally did in regards to my SUB. I ended up buying the Focal CMS Sub. It is a bit much for the Size of my room(11"). I did a decent job at calibrating it with my monitors and i think I placed it in the best possible spot. I bought stands and recoil stabilizers for my AX7’s which i also carefully placed. Finally I bought Prime Acoustic’s London 12 room kit and put it up.

It has a very tight sound. I only use it at very low volume(which sounds plenty loud in my space) and it gives me a very accurate reference. I was looking for a sub I could easily switch on and off to feel the low end of my music and to use mostly when matching kicks with bass. I bought a footswitch which i use to bypass the sub.

BEFORE buying the Cms i went back to the studio where i worked on the Sub 10 to listened to it with the AX-7’S in a treated room. I also finally heard the Sub 8 and it sounded very close to the Sub 10. In the end I had to trust my ears With the selection of music I used to test the subs and go with what i felt was the best combination for the music I’m workin on and the Space I’m working in. I felt like The cms sounded better with the AX-7’s than the Sub 8 and felt like it was the best Value for my money.

Very pleased so far with SUb and the set up.

Did you do any measurements with room eq wizzard?

Would love to see before and afters with the treatment and the sub etc.

Those london panels look quite thin… Be interesting to see what their bass trapping Performance is like compared to the likes of the ghost acoustic stuff.

Your room is 11 inches!!

I think you meant 11’




James, I think he meant the size of his subwoofer driver not the room size. :hehe:

Ha Ha! Yes 11"room! My room is 14 feet wide by 9 feet deep. Sub is 11".