Suggestion: How to make excellent HTSL tutorials a wee bit better

Simply put, SA’s tutorials are better than others I’ve found. One major reason for this is that SA tends to provide the samples used in the tutorials and tends to limit the number of external plugins used. So, it’s possible to follow along step-by-step and hear the results on one’s PC rather than merely watch the video go by. Learning by doing is much more effective than learning by merely watching.

Good as it is, I think this scheme could be slightly improved if a set of project files were provided, each capturing the state of the tutorial at the beginning of the related video. That way, one could jump right into a video in the middle of the tutorial sequence without having to work through all the preceding videos. Also, if the result of one’s working through a video wasn’t quite right, it would be possible to compare one’s personal results with the related project file and resolve any discrepancies, getting things back on track.

I know this wouldn’t likely be possible to accomplish for existing tutorials. But, I urge SA to consider adopting this suggestion for future tutorials. Just my personal notion, of course. As it is, the SA tutorials are far and away the best I’ve found.