Suggestion/Question about delaying click start point

So I’ve been playing around and I noticed that there really isn’t a way to move the clicks start point within the frame of the kick. I don’t really want effects on this thing but, to be able to move the click’s start point as to offset them slightly or drastically from the sub. Would be really neat so I don’t have to go and layer it myself. Since you can load samples into the click area this could mean you can take say…a snare hit or even another kick and layer them offset from each other.

Now I could be just a total n00b and be missing something or perhaps an update as I’m sure I’m not current but, I dunno I think it would be a really awesome feature if its not already there and if it is there can someone clue me in on it.

Thanks for listening/advice

Hi there @dj_baker187

Each Click sample can be offset from the Sub using the START Knob inside each Click slot.

All in all, combining click’s Length, Start but also pitch and amplitude gives you options to layer and blend the samples with the sub.

When “Click View” is ticked enabled ( main GUI area top right ) , adjusting the first Nodes of a click sample envelope within the click view ( from left to right you have Pitch / Amp / then Click 1 to 3 ) and adding nodes ( double clicking adds new points ) can also help to shape the attack of the click sample. Horizontal zoom is your friend when doing this though.

Moving the start point of the click cuts the click but, its still in “time” with the sub. I want to offset it so the time is delayed by perhaps .44ms. To better explain: I would like maybe click one to start with the sub so its easy to digest but, maybe on the 2nd click I want it slightly delayed so that there is a 2nd pop completely distinguishable from the first, not really layered exactly in time with each other. What I would do normally is just find a click sample and adjust it so I have one that starts a little earlier than the sub and then a little after the sub since most kicks have the sub and click together. I just think its a neat idea but, I dunno how practical or commonly used it would be lol. Just a thought, big fan of the plug-in.

PS: I’m still pretty new to this, sorry if i’m not great at explaining things yet.

So if I got this right…

So yes, the sample clicks and the sub share the same starting position ( this vertical axis spotted in green ).

The suggestion here would be to have the option to offset the clicks samples starting position from the sub ?

Not sure if that’s possible to implement since the clicks samples and the sub share the same length ( the horizontal axis ) parameter which is a unique and common value for the overall Kick sound and combined waveform generated by the plugin.

Maybe not pre the kick but, perhaps after the kick? Surely there is a way to do that. Of course I have no idea how this plug-in was made or any plug-in for that matter. I just think it would be a cool idea to provide an offset to give it a more human feel. I fully understand if its outside the capability of the plug-in though. Its pretty amazing that this plug-in does what it can and so well.

I don’t know what’s possible in terms of programming either, but I’m not sure about the benefits of being able to offset the clicks start position in time from the sub. The result would probably create more transient points within one kick sound, especially if you use more than one click sound with a pronounced attack. Percussive sounds have this common point that is the one time hit by the drummer, it’s interesting to offset sounds in a sequence or when you’re looping sounds, but not really with one shot sounds IMHO.

@phil_johnston @bryan_spence not sure what you guys think about this idea for a feature request ?