Suggestions for a first set of monitors?

Hey everyone, I’ve only started producing recently so I’ve been doing all my mixes on a pair of ATH-M50’s (great set of headphones by the way) and I’m looking to get my first pair of monitors. I’ve heard lots of good things about the KRK Rokits, but I thought it’d be a good idea to check if you guys had any advice before I went for anything. The cheaper the better I guess, but I’d still like something solid enough so that I won’t have to replace it for a good while.

Oh also, is there really a need to buy a subwoofer, or do most monitors come with enough bass to compensate?

Thanks :smiley:

I’ve got the Yamaha HS50m’s - Cant really compare them to anything else… but I know a few people who have them too & everyone likes them. Listened to some when I bought them alright, but I’ve had them a good while now & havent ever had anything else, so I’m 1D in that way. They are supposed to be pretty flat.

The KRK’s are also v.popular. On thing that I’ve heard about them is that they are hyped in the bass department - but maybe thats something which the people with them can advise on.

Just a word of warning - Dont get these monitors. I had a pair of these for a while. Wrecked the place :slight_smile:

KRK RP5, not had mine for long and I love em

hahaha thanks for the tip ICN :wink: alright thanks guys, I’ve been looking into it and I think the yamahas are lookin’ pretty good but I’ll give it a day or two. appreciate the help :slight_smile:

A good cheaper alternative is a set of m-audio bx8a

Yeah I have older bx8’s and they are spot on but little big for my room so going to get some mackie mr5’s or krk g6’s in the next week or so!


I have the krk rp6 g2 and i love em i checked the yamaha HS50 and felt it severely lacked in the low end which you really need for dance music i feel. If you wanted the Yammies cos you want something similair to the NS-10 then get the 80’s. The good thing about the yamahas is that at first listen everything sounds pretty ****ty through em BUT get a mix sounding great on em and they should sound very great on every system like it was with the NS-10. The rp5 is cool but lacks in low end too but it has a bit better low than the 50s from Yamaha. The rp6 for me was just right also taken into consideration room size etc etc. I also had thr bx8a’s, lotsa bass but not real clarity.