Summer House "My Island"

Hi guys!

Did a remix on Maurizio Inzaghi’s “My Island” - tried to give it a summer feeling, using many techniques of the Tech House and Main Room House tutorials :slight_smile:

Feedback, especially on the mixdown and the mastering, is very welcome.

So enjoy :slight_smile:

its a nice clean sounding production, not really the kinda thing i listen to tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Quelle suprise, ekko :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Kinda enjoyed this track but it just had too things that personally threw me off…

The xylaphone’ish/Keys sounds felt too modulated with too much chorus or phaser or whatever was on it.

Personally didnt like the vocals either…

The track itself has some elements that reminds me of one of Block.Punch’s tracks with the bassline at the beggining! :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that I liked it, nice one, and it does sound clean!

Ah yes, it does. Thanks for remembering mate. It’s Bodydrop btw.

But then that’s a midi part from a sample pack - had to go back and check myself :wink:

It’s Prog Tech Synths. Really useful for building ideas around.