Super 8 & Tab - Empire (Hughes & Ballantine Rmx)

A remix we are working on for a competition, We are not that pushed on the vocal but we put in for the purpose off the comp… your thoughts are always more than welcome… Cheers :smiley:


i like your mix is really good what are you using for making sounds quality

hardware?? can u write your what kind plugin you use like this remix

hey mrtiberium, thanks for listening

using ableton and the vst’ s we use are mostly sylenth (love this), zebra 2, nexus 2 (pads are great here). We use fab filter volcano and alot of abletons own plugins like the compresser.

thanks for the info so all is software i need to take some good exersice about mixing element thanks for advice :smiley:

Loving the remix guys, plenty of energy throughout, the pads and stabs sound really great make you wanna raise your arms in the breakdowns.