Super saw in Sean Tyas remix of "These Hands I Hold"


I’m a bit stuck trying to learn how to get the sound some similar to the super saw patch in Greg Downey & Bo Bruce - These Hands I Hold (Sean Tyas Remix). It’s kind of classical super saw, but there’re some crispy or thorny, maybe fast-bassy elements, some movement, which makes it quite clear while embedded into the full “wall of sound” mix. I mean, it seems to be less smooth, than original super saw, something like more shaped or distorted with something. I thought, it could be a pulse wave of some kind, distortion or overdrive, or some type of noise, but nothing seemed to work the same in my experiments. Literally I’ve almost learned by heart @chris_agnelli and @phil_johnston quotes of several tutorials with synthesis of such stuff, but still failed to get it so well packed and layered, like in the remix.

I just hope if it’s something well known thing or someone could suggest me, where to find.

In case of anyone’s interested or come across here, I wanted to post a possible solution to the problem I’ve described — seem to find, what it is.

The sound, that I’ve meant seems to be not a part or layer of super saw patch by itself, but just a dirty off-bass in the background of super saw (possibly with side-chain from kick, super saw lead or main bass), which tends to create quite rough and solid bottom of the super saw sound. For me it seems to not sound too similar to all those thousands of trance tracks with super saw anymore.

I’ve also created some basic project to illustrate it, the sound is surely not there, but I hope the idea is quite clear these_hands_i_hold_tyas_main_SA (61.6 KB).