"support from...?"

I assume most, if not all of you, have seen this.

“X producer is a blah blah blah blah, with support from Tiesto, Richie Hawtin, David Guetta, and more!”

I’m just wondering, what exactly does that mean? I’ve seen that sort of thing on people’s pages whose mixes have like 50 plays on them… Hardly what you expect from someone with so much appreciation from a bunch of superstar DJs… Are you allowed simply to say “support from x,y, and z” if they’ve ever even looked at your track?

For example, Zedd, Lazy Rich, Porter Robinson, and others have all listened to tracks of mine… But that’s because I sent them the bloody tracks! Am I allowed to then say “support from Zedd, Lazy Rich and Porter Robinson!”?

Labels send out feedback forms to djs if theY said they liked it you can say “support from…”? Etc.

no, I think it means like they bought it, played it at a gig, or gave a comment like “this track is great” to a label or magayine or something. if someone with 50 plays says “support from tiesto” they’re probably lying.

who really knows though it could mean a ton of things. best to make sure they’re ok with it though

edit: never mind Phil knows apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, it’s like Phil said.

All the A-list dj’s are on the promo-list of all labels. When they receive a promo, they have to leave feedback before they can download the tune. One of the questions they have to answer is “Support yes/no”.

Yeah its marketting of new tracks, the idea is if a big dj is playing it then this fact will stimulate sales.