Switching presets results in sound cutting out

Just installed ANA 2 for the first time and as I switch presets, sometimes the sound will cut out. I placed a spectrum analyzer and it’s actually not cutting out completely, but like there is a low pass filter around 100 hz. It’s only on certain presets as well(Da Funk and and 303 are a couple in the Acid category, but there are others) . If I initialize and reload the patch it will be fine again, but as soon as I start switching presents the problem occurs again.

It doesn’t appear that the filter settings are actually moving, so not sure what is causing this.

I’m running Bitwig 3.3.7 on Windows 10.

4 possible options:

  1. You have a modwheel on your controller that’s modifying the preset

  2. Some other midi controller assigned to the macro controls (these are standard midi CCs so could be something assigned by default.

  3. Some midi automation is on the clip when switching presets.

  4. Might be a bug.

On the presets that have the issue of you select “no filter” in the filter section does that change the sound?

Let me know if you can rule any of the above out and I will dig further.

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Thanks for the ideas Phil. I checked items 1-3 and none of those were the case.

I am pretty sure it may be a bug or else something peculiar to the VST3 version of the plugin. When I use the VST2 version, I’m not experiencing this at all.


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Thanks for the feedback… yeah it would seem there is something going on with the VST3

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